These intelligent quantum energy fields allow you to:


My TAPE treatments heal your soul by taking you directly back to the source. It's like a meditation retreat in 100 minutes. Just one can change your perspective and reset your nervous system while a course of six or more can allow the sort of change & growth you never thought possible.

The first treatment costs £75


Bioresonance is the most effective solution to help you stop smoking. When combined with hypnosis and brain stimulation the success rate increases even further. My smoking treatment is not only the best out there, but possibly the only one that heals your lungs and your brain too.

One fixed price of £200


With a wealth of skills and resources at my disposal together we can do anything from clearing out specific emotional traumas to full on mind, body & spirit transformations through a combination of person-centred bioresonance, brain training, lifestyle coaching and psychology. 

Programmes start at £25/wk




Spektrolyte is delighted to present TAPE; the culmination of over 20 years of personal research into what it means to be born a human.

Using cutting edge technology we can produce mystical experiences which gently calm your anxiety, refocus your mind & accelerate your growth in whichever direction aligns with your higher purpose.

TAPE creates a highly intelligent energy field which takes you to a deep state of internal meditation and gives you access to whatever you need in order to rebalance. No matter what your complaint; be it mental, emotional, spiritual or even physical, this treatment connects you back to the universal energy responsible for healing and growth.

Sessions lasts just over 100 minutes - during this time you are taken to a deep place of physical of relaxtion, and held for an hour in a deep meditative state before returning calm, wide-awake and alert.


Even if you are too far away to come for TAPE sessions we CAN still work together because quantum bioresonance knows no boundaries and can exchange information with your biofield wherever you are in the world using just a photograph.

I have been coaching people from all over the world out of chronic apathy and putting them back in control of their lives since 2016 with my structured lifestyle coaching.

The transformation programme is 12 weeks of remote treatment and online mentoring that detoxes your mind and body, accelerates your personal development, addresses your trauma and gives you the tools and habits needed to regain your balance and maintain it long into the future.

Each month you receive 24hrs of scanning and balancing using a huge database of information 

Total cost £960 paid in three monthly installments of £320

patterns which work on all manner of ailments, toxins, bacteria, supplements, DNA mutations and psychological issues totalling over 4000 separate resonances.

In addition to this we have bi-monthly coaching calls where we make subtle changes to your existing habits, advise on whatever else needs to be included and work through mental & emotional issues using a variety of techniques.


Bioresonance and its predecessor, radionics, are intent-based information systems. They make a quantum bridge to the recipient using a photograph and other personal information such as a hair sample or biofield signature, taken by the machine in person.

Once the quantum lock has been established the energy field is then accessble for remote scanning no matter where you are in the world.

Information medicine reads the biofield and offers it patterns or remedies, determined by the amount of resonance between the client and the sample. The WDS system has a vast databse of remedies, body parts and thoughtforms which it can use to balance out the biofield and pave the way for healing or growth.

A 24-hour scan finds around 3000 remedies that the body can use. 

Options start at £100 per month

Once this scan is complete and any special requests or extras are taken into account (emotional healing, chakra balancing, physical anomalies) these patterns are gathered together into a single transmission. The client is given a pendant which links to the machine and receives the resonance data. By wearing this pedant for the following month the body integrates and assimilates those energies to heal and balance itself.


Imagine a deeply transformative altered states experience that you can share with others at the same time!

Using sound baths, brainwave entrainment and bioresonance it is possible to take a small group on a journey into themselves.

Available for private events at your location and a great way to get all of the benefits of TAPE therapy at a lower cost...

A session includes:

Meditation guidance
Isochronic audio tones
Brainwave stimulation
Quantum bioresonance healing
Energtic transmissions
Sound healing
Integration time



The Gold service coaching and treatment from Spektrolyte!

Over 3 months we can learn how to live life with balance and resilience, detox years of stress and bad habits, deepen our awareness and  expand our consciousness too!

Here we combine the remote bioresonance treatments with transformational/lifestyle coaching and 6 in-person TAPE sessions,

an approach which gradually develops your sense of wellbeing from 3 different angles at once. 

Each client is different and everyone gets what will benefit them most. Maybe you will master meditation, learn how to eat correctly, process some old wounds, develop insight and grow emotionally, resolve chronic conditions that have been holding you back, or a little bit of all of this!

Total cost £1500 paid in three monthly installments


Initial consult & deep-state therapy
BioWell scan before & after
Lifestyle action plan
6 TAPE treatments

6 therapy/coaching sessions
3 monthly bioresonance scans

18 hours contact time

108 hours bioresonance scan time

6 hours bioresonance admin time










75-90 min online coaching call

Bio-Well scan and interpretation of data

Initial TAPE therapy session


6x TAPE sessions for growth & healing

Stop smoking treatment

40 min intitial online consult

(refundable against any treatment)








4hr consult, TAPE treatment & action plan

In-person therapy/coaching & TAPE treatment

Monthly remote quantum body healing

Monthly remote personal growth programs

Process chakra, beliefs, 

Remote treatment pendant
(required for everything except TAPE/Bio-Well)


We are currently in phase 1 of the project which is the fundraising phase. Despite having already invested over £20,000 into equipment and training, much more is needed to realise my goal of a public altered states clinic with the capacity to meet demand and the technological capabilities to realise my vision.

All treatment fees and donations are going directly towards the realisation of this goal, and you can read more about it and track my progress by clicking below.



The Neurofield device allows us to meditate your brain and stabilise your nervous system, preparing your mind and body to receive the energy which supprts your healing and the personal growth process.


The WDS bioresonance technology is the core of these treatments and creates the intelligent energy fields which allow us to reprogram your mind and body on a custom basis depending on your own needs.


The Bio-Well produces detailed maps of the human energy system, and highlights imbalances in the meridians. It allows us to visualise and monitor progress, and gives us information to guide the treatment.


Prompted by significant physical and emotional trauma Thom has been exploring crystals and energy work since 2001, practicing deep Theravada Buddhist meditation techniques since 2011,
developing deep-states brainwave training protocols since 2016, and coaching clients in brain-function, personal growth, insight, trauma recovery and lifestyle management since 2017.

After spending years in disciplined vipassana meditation, working with crystals and other materials to make etheric energy devices and trying every diet and supplement imaginable, he mapped states of consciousness to recognisable brainwave patterns and studied first-hand the effects of nutrition and exercise on health and wellbeing by transforming his own broken body and limiting belief systems.

These pioneering treatment programmes synergise various tools that he has learnt to integrate along this winding and deeply personal journey from victim of circumstance to transformation coach and energy healer, and the results speak for themselves.

Thom continues to expand both his skillset and the range of technology used in the clinic and is fully comitted to the healing and development of himself and others!


Reiki Master/Teacher

Pranic Healing Level 1

Certified Bioresonance Practitioner

Certified Compassion Key Practitioner




“Still no bulimia which if nothing else happens just that is worth the money!”

Jane - March 2022

“The sessions put me at ease and were deeply relaxing but the magic happened in everyday life where I felt less reactive and gained a sense of insight, and I'm not even finished!”

Martin - June 2022

“Had a blood test... My cells are very close to normal. THOM YOU CURED ME. OMG XXX”

Lizzie - May 2022